How to change your profile picture on Twitter

Uploading a profile picture will help your find and recognize you on Twitter.

1) Make sure you are logged in. Click on your name to visit the profile page.


2) Click on edit your profile.

3) Click on choose file.

4) Double click your picture to select it.

Verify that your profile picture has successfully uploaded.

5) Click on save changes.

Your profile picture has been saved and is being displayed now!

How to edit your account settings on Twitter

Twitter series

3. How to edit your account settings on Twitter

Your account settings in Twitter include your username, e-mail address and much more.

1) Make sure you are logged in. Click here to access menu.


2) Click on Settings.

3) You can change your username here to any name available.

4) You can also change your email address by editing it here.

5) By selecting this option, you can allow others to find you by your email address.

6) Change your language here.

7) Twitter will detect your time zone automatically, but you can set your time zone manually here.

Scroll down a bit to see more options.

8) You can add a location to your tweets by selecting this option.

9) You can delete all location information by clicking on this button.

10) You can also configure if your media is sensitive content and if it should be displayed as such.

Want to display your tweets to only selected people? Select this option and your tweets will be displayed to only the people whom you approve. Note that tweets you posted previously may still be publicly visible in some places.

Tailored suggestions make building a great timeline, filled with Tweets, links, media, and conversations from the people you’re interested in, easier and faster.

11) You can choose if you want a secure connection when you use Twitter where possible. Checking this is highly recommended.

12) It’s also highly recommended that you check this option.

13) Click on save changes.

14) Twitter will ask you to re-enter your password to save the changes to your account.

15) Enter your password and click on save changes.

Your changes have been saved!

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to edit your account settings on Twitter.

How to create an account on Twitter

Twitter series

1. How to create an account on Twitter

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging site that allows users to send and receive text based posts known as tweets. Before you can use Twitter, you first must sign up, so let’s see how to create an account.

1) Start by navigating to in your web browser.


2) Enter your full name.

3) Type your email address.

4) Type your password.

5) Click on sign up for twitter.

6) Verify that your information is correct.

7) You can choose your own username to use if it’s available. You can use the suggestion and always change it later.

8) Click on create my account to finish the signup.

You will get this intro page. It will show you what Twitter is and how it works.

Twitter will also suggest to you a few accounts you might want to follow.

This page will show you how tweets from people you follow will appear.

9) You can always skip this by clicking skip this step.

Twitter will suggest to you some more categorized accounts of well-known people and companies.

10) Click on skip this step.

You can search contacts from your email accounts if they have a Twitter account. If they do, you can follow them.

11) Click on skip this step.

Twitter will ask you to upload a profile picture and enter a short bio up to 160 chars.

12) Click on skip this step.

Finally, your account has been fully set up. You can continue using your account.

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to create an account on Twitter.

The 5 best dishes in Paris

Tried and tested: our favourite things to eat in the French capital


There may be a fair few snails, slabs of red meat and curious bits of offal in our selection of the 50 best dishes in Paris, but there are also things that will surprise fans of French cooking. Cannelloni? Ramen? Cari from Réunion? Orient Pearl ? Sauerkraut? Today, Paris’s timeless bistros and brasseries rub shoulders comfortably with hundreds of restaurants, cafés and canteens serving food from all over France and from around the world. This snapshot of just 50 dishes out of thousands of possibilities gives an image of cooking and eating in Paris at its best: full of tradition and invention, talent and enthusiasm, generosity and greed.

These are our editors’ favourite dishes (and the restaurants that serve them) in that they’re what we consider essential to getting a rounded sense of the city ‘s food scene. Have we missed one of your favourite Parisian dishes? Think you know a better version than the one we’ve chosen? Join the conversation in the comments box below.


glu1Classic cooking

Honoring classic dishes that have been served by lamplight in the oldest Parisian canteens. Simple, filling and comforting dishes: snails, steak tartare, eggs with mayonnaise, croquet-monsieur, shellfish platters, ham sandwiches, frites, sole meunière, pressed duck and roast chicken. Because Paris will always be Paris.


glu2Bistro favourites

The best Parisian bistro food is in a class of its own, both unique and characteristic; and it always manages to stay ahead of trends, as bistro menus are constantly reinvented by some of the city’s most talented chefs. So the handwritten chalkboard menu might contain some surprises among the familiar names: veal liver, pâté en croute, onion soup, entrecôte, calf’s head, pheasant pie, tentation de Saint-Antoine, pot-au-feu, saddle of rabbit and veal blanquette.


glu3Regional cooking

You can eat your way around the gastronomic inventions of France’s different regions from the comfort of a few choice restaurants in Paris, from deepest Auvergne to far-distant colonial islands. So ready yourself for tastebud trips to Corsica, Brittany, the southwest, Savoie and Réunion.


glu4International cuisines

A tour of cusines from around the world that have only added to Paris’s gastronomic richness. All aboard for Japan, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Vietnam, Kurdistan, Israel and the US – because Paris is nothing if not cosmopolitan.



There is nothing as sweetly satisfying as a good dessert to round off a meal in style – though even in Paris, that slice of carrot cake, lemon tart, rum baba, chocolate mousse, Grand Marnier soufflé, millefeuille, rice pudding, pain perdu or profiterole might come back to haunt you if you over-indulge.